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  • Fewer people are attracted by the corporate employment model

    The days of working for the big corporation are waning. It’s like signing up to spend your life as a deck hand on a powerful supertanker only to realise you move very slowly and once your course has been set, it’s tough to change anything. These days people prefer to captain their own ship, changing course whenever they want and finding opportunities where the big ships cannot sail.
    ‘Big’ has already become the unattractive option. Today’s employees lack a sense of purpose; they want out.
    Enterprising people are taking sabbaticals in order to learn new skills. Others unfortunately reach their stress limits and suffer from work-related burnout or depression.
    Some years ago my friend Colin hadn’t been well and arranged to take a 6 month unpaid break from his banking job. He took the opportunity to learn the basics of flying. Colin never returned to the bank, instead switching careers to become a commercial airline pilot.  He now flies celebrities and wealthy clients around the skies in private jets.

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    • an open mind
    • a willingness to try out creative things
    • a willingness to try them out again if they don’t work the first time
  • Why ‘this time next month’?

    We set goals or targets that are either unrealistic or are projected too far ahead. This doesn’t serve us. Goals are there create the propulsion we need to get ourselves started. If we set them correctly, we’ll likely fly past these goals and reach destinations far beyond what we originally anticipated.
    The most achievable goals are set up to 30 days in advance. If we want to do anything badly enough, we can do it in 30 days. Why? Because small changes are sustainable.
    We’ve all been told to follow our passion. Although it’s great advice, our working lives aren’t always about our passion but about what we can do to make the world a better place. Follow the wrong advice you’ll end up in the wrong job, or broke.

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Why our offer when there are others out there?
Because we have fresh ways of looking at an evolving industry and discard outdated systems and beliefs that have become redundant or take too long to achieve results. These 'archived' methods are still being used today by many coaching trainers.
As the sun will continue to rise and set over the next 30 days, why not use this time to do something that will improve your life ever?

Our offer

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    • Value Your Worth Fully
    • Learn and Relearn From Your Mistakes
    • Focus On The Best Outcome
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    • Your Development Is Personal
    • Create A Better Standard Of Living
    • Keep Expanding Your Boundaries
    • Clear Away The Clutter