Fewer people are attracted by the corporate employment model

August 8, 2017 / Comments Off on Fewer people are attracted by the corporate employment model

The days of working for the big corporation are waning. It’s like signing up to spend your life as a deck hand on a powerful supertanker only to realise you move very slowly and once your course has been set, it’s tough to change anything. These days people prefer to captain their own ship, changing course whenever they want and finding opportunities where the big ships cannot sail.
‘Big’ has already become the unattractive option. Today’s employees lack a sense of purpose; they want out.
Enterprising people are taking sabbaticals in order to learn new skills. Others unfortunately reach their stress limits and suffer from work-related burnout or depression.
Some years ago my friend Colin hadn’t been well and arranged to take a 6 month unpaid break from his banking job. He took the opportunity to learn the basics of flying. Colin never returned to the bank, instead switching careers to become a commercial airline pilot.  He now flies celebrities and wealthy clients around the skies in private jets.

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