If you’re interested in becoming a coach or you just want to be better at what you do with the knowledge of coaching, I want to give you a simple but profound way to pick a niche market that serves you.

We’re going to get a little advanced for a second, but stick with me…

My philosophy when it comes to business is all about simplicity.

I want people to have simple businesses (in a world where others try to overcomplicate things!)…

…and I want it to be simple for a client or customer to say YES to an offer your business makes.

The harder it is for someone to say YES to an offering…the harder the overall business will be.

Reason being, you’ll need to get far more prospects in order to get a customer or client if your offer is easy to say NO to.


One of the things that makes an offer easy to say YES to, especially in the coaching space (or selling things like digital courses)…..is what we call Resonance.

This is where the prospect hears/reads/watches you talk about your coaching services or the digital products you sell…

And they think – “Wow…this person used to be like I am now”.

The best way to explain this is with an example…

For a few years back in the early 2000s my friend Stuart struggled with social anxiety pretty badly.

An incident in childhood resurfaced from his subconscious and he felt like everyone was waiting for him to make a mistake.

Eventually he overcame it, using elements of NLP amongst other things, and then decided he wanted to help others who were struggling with social anxiety.

He created a digital course that taught people what he’d used to overcome his challenges with it and put it up for sale online.

Here’s where resonance comes in…

In the sales process for the course he told his story…

He used a very specific structure to tell his story…and people with social anxiety will have listened to it and thought…

“This guy gets me”.

People feeling like you truly understand them is where resonance  makes someone buying something from you easy.

See, in Stuart’s story he shared about how he felt when he had the social anxiety…

How he was once terrified to speak at his sister’s wedding and lay awake at night for months worrying about it…

How he hid away at home and felt like he was wasting my life…but was too scared to leave the house…

How he was always scared that people would see him go red and think he was “weak”…

He shared his story, from the heart, and it made people feel less alone.

(Because when people have problems they often feel alone with them as they don’t share their deepest fears, insecurities etc with others).

If you make someone feel less alone, by sharing your particular story, you’ll have resonance with them.

This is why delving into your backstory is an amazing way to find a market you can serve.

What challenges have you overcome?

What experiences have you been through that you want to help others to handle?

Questions like these can help you to find markets where, if you just shared your own experiences, people would be hiring and buying from you with an easy YES!

Now, there’s an entire process for drawing out stories from people’s lives that turn into gold (this is one of the main reasons I am asked to speak at seminars)

Often, it’s the stuff you wouldn’t have considered that make for the best markets.

More on all that another time, though.

For now…

Did you get something from this?

Want me to keep writing for David?

If so, can you please respond with a YES and I’ll happily write more and even send some useful video clips of me speaking at events too on this kind of thing.

(That’s right, I overcame social anxiety and am now a speaker – you’re never “stuck” with a problem!).

So respond with YES and if enough people are interested I’ll keep serving you.

And have a think about your past experiences.

You never know what magic potential markets you might uncover.

– – – – –

Surveys tell us that more and more people are feeling unfulfilled in their work, wanting more freedom and more meaning in their lives.  

According to a Monster.com survey conducted back in July 2021, 95% of employed Americans were thinking about quitting their jobs, a full third of them saying it was because of burnout. 

What if you could have the freedom to choose from employment offers or lead your own initiative?  Or even a year from now?

How would you feel? In what ways would your life change?

The trajectory of your entire life may change forever in an exciting, empowering and unmissable way. All you need to do is read on….with an open mind.

After I’d finished delivering a talk some years ago, I was asked what I would become if I changed to another field of work.

My answer?  I’d become a scarce resource – someone who develops a set of skills and knowledge that few others offer causing them to be much in demand.

….a bit like a downfall of rain after a long drought.

There’s a growing thirst for people with genuine expertise.

And if you have this you’re in a great position to solve problems people need solving…

…and you can earn a great living from it.

In many professions you’ll be up against others who have the same expertise as you.

If you learn copywriting…there’s tons of other copywriters.

If you become a personal trainer….there’s tons of other personal trainers.

If you learn how to coach people.…there are tons of other coaches

And so on.

No matter the market you choose, even if it’s a worthwhile space to be in, you’ll be up against others who can do the same things you can.

How do you stand out from the noise and get your own slice of the pie rather than evaporating into obscurity like so many skilled people do?

I’d be thinking things like…“What can this person say that others in their space can’t say?”

And as I’m asking the questions…I’m writing down notes and seeing how we can connect that answer to this answer or this answer to that one.

Until the answer becomes clear (believe me it does!)

I realise there’s something that will turn copywriters, trainers or coaches from “just another_(profession)__” into a unique voice and brand in their space.

That’s what makes all the difference.

A person’s working life consists of about eighty thousand hours. That’s eighty thousand hours of working at a job most people don’t really care about. These people will never get rich working 9 – 5

I’d call that ‘stress’.

If that describes you, wouldn’t you prefer those eighty thousand hours of work ay something you’re more interested in?

Whatever age you are today you have only a fixed number of summers left that you’ll truly enjoy.

Let’s look at your options:

  • Do nothing and spend the rest of your life wondering what sort of person you could have become if you’d just had the courage…..
  • Or ask yourself  “If it took me 3 years from now to make serious money, wouldn’t it be worth that effort in order to live the life of my dreams?” 

Pick Option 1 and you’ll find that nothing changes.  Someone else will already have plans for the rest of your life.  I can’t attribute the quote but the words make sense: “On your last day on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.” 

Choose Option 2 we have some liberating news for you.

But first you need to look into a mirror to ask yourself a few more questions:

   • What’s holding me back from the lifestyle I want?

   • What’s the long-term cost of me staying where I am?

   • Are my talents in alignment with the work I’m doing?

You need answers to these because the road that got you to where you are today isn’t the same road that’ll take you where you want to go.

Either you take control of the day or the day takes control of you

The major part of your life should be on your own terms so you can make a life and not just a living. 

Whatever choices you make have an impact on your family.

If you want to get ahead, do it the easy way

What’s The Cost Of You Staying Stuck?

Do you ever wonder where the last few years have gone and how the life you once aspired to is just a faint memory?

Many people who’ve given up their 9 to 5 jobs now agree that routine is the enemy of time.

One day they’re 25; before they know it they’re 40 with less energy and less inclination to make a go of it.

Whatever happened to astonishment? To spontaneity? To the exhilarating life you aspired to all those years ago?

Once your brain has established a routine, the alertness disappears.

What would you do if I told you about a genuine breakthrough approach that would

  • re-engage your focus,
  • bring about a sense of self-worth, and
  • rekindle your enthusiasm for life

…and it’s yours for the taking.

If you’re not sure what you want, here’s a brief exercise: in your business look at somebody that’s 10 to 15 years ahead of where you are now.

Is that where you want to be?

If what you see doesn’t appeal, then don’t be a dumbass. There are plenty of those in business, so don’t let one of them be you.

Let’s return to you becoming a scarce resource.

Hungarian Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi described the flow state as a state of mind when someone is fully involved in an activity. 

Ever started doing a task and time flies by? Where you look at your watch or a clock and hours have evaporated because you were having so much fun? 

That’s your flow state.

Questions you need to start asking yourself are:

• What am I good at?
• What do I love doing?
• What does the world need?
• How do I get paid for it?

The answers to these questions are what will get you out of bed every morning from tomorrow on.

No alarm clock necessary, just the understanding that THIS IS YOUR LIFE.

If you saw the film Hitch you’ll remember the lead character Alex Hitchens, a professional “date doctor”, telling his client “Begin every day as if it were on purpose”.

So let’s look at what’s ahead in your life.

Either you’re not 100% happy with the job you’re doing, or you want to make your life more rewarding thnt it currently is.

If you think this is about you having to become a leader, you need to again look at leadership from a new perspective because leadership is not about you being the best….it’s about making everyone else better.

Handling Risk

The early entrepreneurs faced failure after failure and went through setback after setback. Instead of giving up they just figured out a way to overcome the odds and went on to live the life that others told them they couldn’t.

Anyone opting for an independent and enterprising life today is building on a foundation that has already been proven to work.

The trailblazing has been done; the safety net installed. All people need to do is modify things to suit their own requirements.

How willing are you to drop the old identity that didn’t perform for you and undergo that metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly?

A Big Career Shakeup Is Coming.  What’s Your Future?

People have fears about the future. In the late 1960’s people were afraid that computers would take over their jobs. Instead computers created jobs.

Today the belief is that artificial intelligence (robots) will take over jobs and that we all need to prepare for big change.

Companies like Walmart and McDonalds are already replacing thousands of employees with robots that have taken over the more mundane tasks; UPS recently launched its own drone airline.

Yet thousands of new jobs are being created.

Rather than be worried, people need to realise that security is mostly a myth as there will always be new and valuable directions for humans to go in.

One of my favourite film scenes was in the film Braveheart when his father says to a young William Wallace, “I know you can fight, but it’s our wits that make us men”.

So use your wits and position yourself in advance of the coming A.I. revolution rather than be wondering what to do after you lose your current job.

It’s time to seriously think about your future without letting fear or the safety of habit manage your decision.

All you need to do is take action. The biggest myth in entrepreneurship is the assumption that it’s risky.

There’s no risk in trying to become a successful entrepreneur; the risk is in not trying.

People Don’t Want Coaching, They Want Results

Many coaches go wrong because they don’t know how to communicate their value.

They say to people……“I’m a coach…do you want some coaching sessions?”

The truth is that very few people want coaching sessions. What they’re looking for is a tangible result.

Offering people coaching sessions doesn’t mean anything to them.

But if you say “I’ll help you become bulletproof to stress”…..see the difference? 

A great coach doesn’t take everything a client says on face value.

They dig……They challenge…to discover what someone is really saying.

And here’s the thing…

That’s what a good friend would do, naturally.

You do the same for them too.

Thinking of your coaching approach from this perspective takes the pressure off.

“I’m going to treat this client like a friend who needs support and advice” – can be freeing.

That mindset won’t work for everyone.

But for some people reading this, they’ll realise that, yes, they DO coach friends through situations…they just don’t call it coaching.

Time……is vitally important to clients as well.

Let’s say you become a relationship coach. One of your skills is being able to help couples avoid a divorce. 

Your potential client is a successful surgeon. 

This approach would LOSE you a coaching deal with him… “If you jump on the phone with me for three hours a week for the next six months I can help you turn your relationship around”. 

A better approach would be… “Give me 1 hour a week for the next 12 weeks and I can help you turn your relationship around”. 

This is about figuring out what kind of offer you can confidently make that the client would find appealing.

And, when it comes to high end clients, spending more time to resolve an issue holds no appealing whatsoever. 

They want the result that involves the least amount of their time

“If you want a new source of red hot leads for your business I can show you how to generate them using Linkedin if you can give me 5 hours a week for 10 weeks”. 

There’s a better approach than this.

“If I could send you thousands of red hot leads for your business every month, each highly qualified and looking to spend 20K+ with you, without you having to lift a finger, would you pay me 5K a month?” 

The reply?  “Tell me more!”

See the difference in that type of offer? 

High end clients NEVER want to spend dozens of hours going through a course. LESS they have to do the MORE appealing it will be to them. 

How about this…… “I’ll write your ad, sales process, all the emails you’ll need and everything else necessary to hit six figure months with a brand new offer…and you won’t have to do anything apart from record a video which will take 90 minutes…would you pay me a one off payment of 30k for that?”. 

To the WRONG client that seems an insane price and you’ll get “I think I’ll learn how to do it myself”. 

To the RIGHT client that’s a bargain. 

Here’s a simple formula you can use to describe the result you help people get:

I help (target) to (deal with a problem) so they can (get the result they want).

For example…

“I help new mums to handle the stress of parenting so they can feel calm with their newborn child”.

Compare that to…“I’m a life coach”.

Another example…“I help single ladies overcome their fear of rejection so they can date with confidence”.

Compare that to…“I use NLP to improve your life”.

The more general your message, the less powerful it will be.

Never lose sight of that.

The next step is for you to become part of our Free Online Coaching Masterclass. 

There’s no cost whatsoever and you’ll become part of an exploratory workshop that’s rich in Aha! moments, insights and epiphanies.   

What’s special about it is that our trainers are overhauling the whole coaching industry.

You’ll feel so excited about your new possibilities, you won’t sleep! It’s like your soul being on fire!

You’ll become more than happy that you’re helping to change people’s lives and doing something meaningful at last.

And there’s enormous personal impact from training. 

We even receive messages of heartfelt “you changed my life” thanks for just the webinar from people who don’t take it any further…..so you’ll never know how it will change you unless you register to participate.

What IS a coach? The answer is straightforward.….a coach helps someone get to where they want to be who’d struggle to get there by themselves.

In becoming a coach, you need to be careful you don’t go down costly, inefficient dead ends that waste your time and leaves you out-of-pocket.

Some of the older trainers are reluctant to let them go.  Experience in this case can be a double-edged sword.

If you’re taught outdated techniques, despite any initial enthusiasm, it’s likely you’ll never get your coaching business off the ground.

We make sure that NEVER HAPPENS to you.

We’ll even make sure you don’t get in the way of your own success!

The Secret To Taking Action

……is to start.   

Don’t ever let fear get in the away of your dreams because it will impact your self-esteem and you won’t experience the joy of getting paid to change lives.

Imagine if fear was no longer a problem in your life.

There are still too many coaching trainings that use an overwhelming amount of techniques and models to help clients break free of their problems.

It’s like a revolving door; the client is ‘fixed’ and months later comes back with another, different problem.

Why? Rather than help clients discover and remedy the cause of their negative thinking, many coaches are only trained to help them in ONE area, leaving the client feeling frustrated by a lack of lasting change.

The personal development industry is monstrous and growing.  We simply cannot touch the sides of the amount of potential for this type of programme.

If the prospect of competition concerns you, remember that old phrase “The fishing is best where the fewest go”.

Let me use an analogy here. 

If you struggle with neck, shoulder or back pain you go to see a physio, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist or have pain-killing injections.

The focus is on the areas of pain. The result of the therapy or injections works, albeit temporarily.

Then someone has the idea of measuring you and discovers you have one leg shorter than the other.

This affects the way you walk; this is the root cause of your pain.

A heel insert is fitted into a shoe and the pain disappears, this time permanently.

Your problem would never have been fixed without the heel insert, discovered by someone who could see the bigger picture.

Many of the coaching options being promoted today are like the physio, chiropractor or acupuncturist – they lack the experience to see that bigger picture.

You should be wary of them. We’ll show you how to become the expert that takes a different perspective, measures the person and recommends the heel insert.

Only this approach will find the real cause of any problem.

Even if you don’t want to take things further what you learn from the Coaching Masterclass will contribute hugely to your personal progress.

Doing nothing in fear of making a mistake is probably the greatest mistake you’ll ever make.   

I’m increasingly aware that successful internet marketers with big reputations are offering coaching courses.

While it’s encouraging news, you need to tread carefully here.

This is not unlike having a golf course designed by a celebrity golfer. Deep down you know it’s not the celebrity who’s designing the course.

He or she is merely lending their well-known name to the project so the club can charge premium fees for membership.

A word of caution. I’ve looked at some of these coaching courses and I’d suggest that some of these trainers are not only barking up the wrong tree….they’re in the wrong forest!

Let’s remind ourselves of the original question: “If it took you three years from now to make serious money, wouldn’t it be worth that effort in order to live the life of your dreams?”

Forget any short term gratification.

During those three years you’ll learn strategies and pick up more tips that will drive your business beyond any imagined goals.

Maybe the safety net of what we’re inviting you to consider will be all that’s needed to get you started.

My friend Colin (the private jet pilot mentioned on the home page) told me it was as if his life was changed by an injection of performance fuel when he’d only been using cheap fuel up until then.

Successful coaching is NOT about the products and services you offer; it’s about the results you give your clients.

Once they grasp this concept, price is no longer a barrier.

One of the hardest things you’ll ever do in life is grieve for the loss of the person you could have become. Think carefully about that.

Find a way to release what you’re afraid of because time is one thing you won’t ever get back.

You’ll get opportunities in the future but they’ll be nothing like this one.

There may be opportunities to change what you’re doing today for a similar job in a different company tomorrow, but that’s hardly going to rock your world.

We’re offering you an opportunity not just for change but for PROGRESS and you know the difference.

To do this you need to draw up your own Declaration of Independence; give yourself permission to live again.

I want to be clear that today I’m here to help you. 

That’s all – I’m not selling you anything.

I’m merely inviting you to get clarity on your future, create more meaning in your life and discover how to execute the necessary change.

All this is free of charge because I don’t want you to spend your whole life working to make someone else’s dream come true.

Don’t justify why you should stay in the current position; don’t wait until the pain is what makes you change.

The most dangerous phrase I hear “I think I’m just scared of the unknown”.

When I hear that I know people are not just uncomfortable – they’re slowly dying inside. You’re giving yourself permission to stay in a place your heart knows you shouldn’t be in.

With the gifts you have, every day you don’t make the change….there’s a cost to humanity.

For every person you help there’s a ripple effect to those around them.

Many coaches I have come across don’t make money and                                                I know what they’re doing wrong

It’s true – they’re either burned out or broke.

Fact:  98% of coaches earn less than the minimum wage.    

The reason?  They’re only looking for business opportunities within their comfort zone…no resistance, no self doubt, no challenges. 

They should be in a zone where they’re willing to deal with a little discomfort because that’s where the magic happens.

A coaching student once told me he was “….really going to make this work and be earning five figures a month within 6 months”.

I said “Woah there!”

Answer this question for me first: “Would it be worth it, if in a year’s time, you worked hard to master the skillset required to be a high-earning coach, allowing you to live as you like for the rest of your life?”

Straight away he answered “Absolutely”.

“OK then answer me this…” and asked him the same question but with 2 years as the qualifier.

Another emphatic “Absolutely”

Again the same question with 3 years.

Again the same reply.

“Good answer” I said, adding “you’ll make it!”  Many people out there aren’t that committed. Rather than work hard for 1, 2 or 3 years to live the rest of their lives ‘free’, they would choose to stay in their job until retirement age (another 30+ years).

It’s their way of thinking that’s holding the unsuccessful back.

If you’re not willing to commit to something for 1, 2 or 3 years to live the rest of your life ‘free’, the chances are you’re not an entrepreneur.

We all need to feed our families, pay school bills and mortgages and take holidays from time to time.

Let’s be realistic here about the amounts you can earn, but bear in mind one thing – when you’re a coach and your customer believes you are the person that’ll help them get the result they want, they will choose you EVERY SINGLE TIME.

It invariably boils down to one thing – they TRUST you.

Here’s where we help you get you off the ground and into a totally new orbit.

In your first year if you follow our guidelines, tactical direction, marketing strategies and use our support, you can (like many others have done), bring in up to five figures a month.

That isn’t the challenge – after all this is an industry that’s minting new millionaires.

Although some coaches are happy to remain at this level, I think we’ll agree this figure should be for starters.

Look at it from this perspective – you’re not helping as many people as you might if you minimise your growth.

The next stage involves stepping off the hamster wheel and scaling your business upwards.

Hand on heart this can be achieved with minimal effort, without stress or the risk of burnout.

Why Are We Different?

People have repeatedly told us weʼre like the top sought-after coaches, as opposed to a local gym instructor.

We specialise in working ONLY with people who want to get more clients in their particular field of expertise.

Not just clients but high end clients.

We know the right strategies, frameworks and structures that forge powerful connections and attract high-paying clients.

This is why many already-qualified coaches have come to us for that crucial kick-start when their coaching career didn’t take off at first.

Our straightforward approach eliminates the uncomfortable hard selling that is so unsuitable and makes you and your potential client feel slimy.

If you need a financial safety net for the rest of your life, stick with the business you’re working for today but don’t look back in 10 or 20 years time with regret.

Of course the business you’re working for will offer advancements.

You might get a raise next year; you might even get a promotion in another 3 years time. Stick around and you’ll find out.

But you’ve read this far, so it would make good sense to give it a try….

The last question to ask yourself is simple.

Ask yourself “Am I coachable?”

Only after you’ve listened to the many ways in which we can get you up and running can you make an informed career-changing decision.

Your decision to participate will be something you’ll always look back on as the milestone that marked a positive change of trajectory in your life.

For those of you who are between jobs or re-evaluating career choices you’ve made, this introductory workshop has some seriously liberating information, especially if you’d prefer to work independently.

Your future offers growth that becomes exponential once you’ve mastered the basics.

Best of all, you’ll be buzzing with excitement for what lies ahead. When can you remember last feeling so excited about something new that you couldn’t sleep?

Included is a 90 minute live class on how one coach uses a simple four-step formula to charge £1K an hour (Yes 1k an hour – you read that right!) to change people’s lives using this exact process.

This is well worth becoming part of to even if you don’t want to take things further. 

It’s also worth thinking about if only to confirm you’re not locked into a fixed way of thinking.

“If the only thing people learned was to not be scared of their experience, that alone would change the world”.  Sydney Banks

Click Here To Register For The Free Coaching Event

I hope today is the start of an exciting new adventure for you. 

Whatever you choose, choose with certainty.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect. We need coaches stepping up more than ever. 

With the current changes in the world, there’s unprecedented demand for a new kind of professional who helps people with their goals: he Coach.

People absolutely need what coaches can give to the world. 

And we’re here to show you what’s possible.

Join us in this free masterclass where I’ll reveal a fascinating but little-known coaching model that isn’t complicated and is being used by Hollywood stars, celebrities, athletes, high flying entrepreneurs and everyday folk that was changing lives and making dreams come true with just a simple conversation.

This approach is unlike any other form of coaching on the planet.

Whereas most other forms of coaching use a giant toolbox of endless questions or complex techniques and strategies – our “3P” approach is remarkably simple.

Written Guarantee

Join us. With a 30 day trial period you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you decide not to become involved, you might forever wonder what might have been…..

Not everyone who applies may be accepted into the Coaching Masterclass.

I’m sure you’ll understand that for the benefit of the coaching participants, it is imperative that we keep the standards high.


 I Want To Hand You EVERYTHING You Need So That You Can Sign And Transform Coaching Clients Who Happily Pay You $1K-5K+ For Just 8 Hours Of Your Time…. WITHOUT You Ever Having To Spend A Penny To Get Them, Master Any Confusing Online Marketing Or Even Have Your Own Website.

I can’t wait to hear about your success story and transformation!

Coaching and NLP Trainer David Key has trained and certified over 71,000 people globally.

David Key

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